Why Should Your Business Go Dog Friendly?

There is nothing sadder than having to say goodbye to your pooch as you go and wander around the shops alone because they don’t allow dogs. Then if you do bring them, someone has to pull the short straw and wait outside with the dog whilst you go check out that boutique.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if our four-legged companions could just come with us everywhere? What would be the positives and negatives of allowing the dog’s inside your business?

Positives to Turning Your Business Dog-Friendly

There are many positives to allowing dogs to come with their owners into shops and restaurants. Here are some of our favourite: 

More Business

To put it simply, it would allow your business to gain more customers. A whole new demographic of people would come and check out your products or have a coffee at your coffee shop. It would fill that daytime lull where some businesses struggle with cute wagging tails and smiling faces instead! If dog owners could bring their dogs, that would also mean an opportunity for more money as you could even charge a bit extra for the pooch to cover clean up fees etc.

dog friendly business

Additional Purchases 

People are more willing to go places if they can take their dogs. They may also be more inclined to purchase if their dogs are with them. People may also be more willing to engage in activities they had refrained from when their dogs were not allowed. Allowing dogs inside your business opens up a whole new world of opportunities for your business.

Happy Dog, Happy Life

Dogs love to be around their owners, so having them wait outside whilst one of their parents goes to check something out can stress their little hearts out as they wonder where they’ve gone. Whereas if they can come into your shop or cafe with them, they will be super happy and as a result well-behaved. Plus, it means more cuddles for you as the business owner for allowing them in with their mum or dad.

Soggy Doggy

Do you want to see a sad pup in the rain waiting for its owner outside your business? Save yourself the guilt and give them a towel down, a nice warm bed and a yummy treat. You won’t have just won over the dog, but you have just gained yourself a new, loyal customer, plus likely a very positive review online.

Negatives to Turning Your Business Dog-Friendly

Now we are not shrouded by naivety. We understand that having a dog-friendly business doesn’t come without its negatives; here are some we think you might have to overcome:

Fur & Muddy Paws

A lot of the time, cafes and restaurants don’t allow dogs for hygiene reasons, which is entirely understandable. Still, there are ways around it, such as having a separate section, regular cleaning schedules etc.

But if you are not a fan of the fur and muddy paws, then being dog-friendly could be difficult for you.

Barking & Disruption

Another negative could be that some dogs are very vocal and love to be a part of the conversation, so you may be concerned that it could interrupt your other customers from having a relaxing experience.

But again, there are ways around this. You could have a no badly behaved dog policy, so all dogs are welcome if they are well-behaved and won’t disturb guests.

Licking, Sniffing and Knocking Things Over

Dogs are not always the most elegant creatures, so they can be clumsy depending on their size or their big old waggers. There is a possibility that they could knock something over. If you have anything that smells yummy or looks scrummy, then the temptation may be a bit too much for their tongues and noses to resist.

Again, there are ways to accommodate this, though. Position things away from floor level and have a “no badly behaved dog policy” visible would be a good indicator for dog owners to decide if their dog would be comfortable in that environment.

Not Dog Lovers

Finally, there could be a risk that you could lose customers. Let’s be honest; not everybody is a dog lover, just as some people hate screaming babies. So there is a chance that if you are a dog-friendly business, some people could find that off-putting rather than welcoming.

But then, would you really want a dog hater in your shop or cafe anyways? I mean, who hates dogs!

Time to Go Dog Friendly

So hopefully, this has helped you way up the pros and cons of being dog-friendly. Still, we believe that all woofers should have the same exploration as their owners.

So we hope to see your business with one of our Dog-Friendly Stickers in your window!

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