Must-Have Dog Accessories For The Winter

Winter is here! So just as we get ourselves all wrapped up and ready for the brisk winds and snowy mornings, we have to do the same for our four-legged loved ones!

But where to even start? There are so many different gadgets, accessories and clothing options out there now for the pooches that it can be overwhelming to pick the right thing for your best friend.

Well, worry no more! We have compiled a list of some of the best winter dog accessories on the market today, so you and your dog can enjoy the colder weather together.

Must-Have Winter Dog Accessories

Who doesn’t love a good accessory? A product designed to make your life easier and, in this case, to ensure that you and your pup will have an easier time this winter.

Look at our top dog accessory suggestions for you and your dog this winter.

Now let’s be honest, as the days get colder and the nights draw in quicker, sometimes the last thing you and your dog want to do is to go out in the icy weather for a walk.

That is where this Snuffle Mat for Dogs comes in. It will entertain your dog for ages, training their brain and tiring them out just as much as a walk would, but without either of you getting wet and muddy!

All you do, is hide their favourite treats or food randomly inside the rug, lay it down and let them use their nose to sniff them out and work out where they all are. This cost-effective toy will have your dog entertained for hours.

As the weather gets more unpredictable, you may get caught out in wet, muddy weather!

But with the Paw Buddy, you and your dog will never have to deal with mud-filled paws and matted hair from the wind again. This cleverly designed cleaner is like no other, with three different attachments to help you clean your pet’s feet and hair thoroughly after a good hike.

All you need to do is fill the centre of this cleaner with some water; you can also add your favourite doggy cleanser if you want an extra clean doggo! Then, choose the bristle or brush end you need for your pet and clean them off!

Cost-efficient, easy-to-use and compact. You can chuck this in your bag and be on your way with peace of mind; you don’t have to deal with paw prints all over your house.

Maybe you are driving home for Christmas or going on a big winter family day out!

Whatever the occasion, if you are going to be busy all day, the last thing you want to worry about is where you will get water and fuel for your four-legged friend. Depending on where you go, those facilities may not be available.

This is where the Matt Saga Dual Bottle comes to the rescue! This incredibly designed bottle allows you to keep their treats or food and water all in one place and comes with its own collapsible bowl that you can use for both items!

This bottle is perfect for travel, big days out, and heading out to the local pub. It is all kept in one place, you don’t have to pack the whole house into one bag to keep your dog happy, and it is easy to use, so there is no faffing about with complicated gadgets.

The nights are drawing in so much faster as the winter takes over, which means dark, evening walks with your pup, even though it’s only 5 pm!

But as the nights do get darker, quicker that means seeing our four-legged friends can become difficult. This is where this Light Up Dog Collar comes in!

USB charged, available in various colours, and it comes as a one-size-fits-all, so no matter the size of your pooch, you don’t have to worry it won’t fit.

Perfectly light up your pet, and you never have to struggle to find them in a field again!

You may have seen a lot of dog jackets in your time as a pet owner, but this one is probably one of the best ones we have found! The Petloft Winter Jacket is created with your dog’s comfort and wearability 100% in mind.

This completely waterproof, breathable coat comes with a detachable fleece inside to give your pooch extra warmth on those super chilly days.

Along with a hood to keep your dog’s ears warm and reflective sections so you can always find your pet, this jacket has everything you need to help your dog retain their heat during the colder months!

This knitted snood is perfect for keeping your little doggies’ ears lovely and warm during freezing temperatures.

But these snoods are expertly designed with compression fabric, so this hood can also act as an anti-anxiety snood. It is great for anxious dogs who are sensitive to loud noises or busy places to keep them happy, calm and warm all at once!

As comfy as some dog accessories such as these snoods are, they are designed to be tight, so please ensure that you measure your pet’s head circumference before buying to check that it won’t cut off any vital circulation.

Let’s face it, as we come into the muddier months; there will be lots of baths!

Those baths mean your dog will need to be kept nice, warm, and dry afterwards. This is where the Aoweika Bathrobe will come and help you!

With adjustable straps and microfibre, quick-drying fabric, you never have to worry about your dog walking around damp and cold. They will dry fast and be ready for their next walk in no time!

There is nothing worse than paw prints all over your nice clean car! As it gets gradually wetter and muddier, those pesky paw prints will become a returning problem as the next few months roll in.

This is where the Dog Car Seat Cover can protect and keep those lovely car cushions nice and clean!

It is super easy to install, with adjustable straps around the headrests, making it easy to remove and machine wash when the mud builds up.

With super comfortable quilted fabric for your pup to lay on, your dog will be kept happy for long car journeys, no matter how grubby they may be!

Set the scene. There are heaps of snow on the ground; your dog decides they need a poop in a massive pile of it! The last thing you want to do is stick your hand in the freezing cold snow to pick up their mess.

So treat yourself to the Dogopal Pooper Scooper, which has its own poop bags that you wrap around the poop clamp and squeeze!

This pooper scooper will save a lot of bother taking gloves off to pick up poo, and you may even decide to use it for good because it is that addictive. You’ll wonder how you got by without these dog accessories before. 

Your dog’s legs are precious, especially as the days get colder; just like us humans, their little or large joints can become stiff, and jumping in and out of a car will not help!

So save your poor doggie’s legs this winter with this fantastic extendable step ramp. They can graciously step in and out of the boot without hurting their delicate paws.

This ramp holds up to 80kg and can easily fold away, so you can store it away when you don’t need them and not have to worry about them taking up room in your car or home!

It is an excellent addition to your dog’s everyday life and will prolong their joint and general health. It is perfect for older doggies already suffering from arthritis, etc.

Dog Accessories to Get you All Set For Winter

With this list of fabulous accessories, you and your furry best friend will be more than ready for the colder months ahead.

If you buy one of these suggested dog accessories, please let us know your thoughts. We would love to hear your feedback!

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