Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer – 2022 Guide

Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer - 2022

You are probably jumping for joy when your forecast is finally saying it’s going to be 20 degrees or higher! At last, you can get that summer tan you have been waiting for. Although you may be excited to get out in the blazing sun and go for long enjoyable walks with your dog, if they are not looked after properly during this heat, they could get heatstroke or sunburn.

Keep your Dog Cool in Summer

So how can you enjoy yourself in this lovely summertime and ensure that your four-legged friend is kept cool and happy too? Here are a couple of tips to keep your dogs cool in hot weather and extreme heat.

1. Walk Them Later In The Day When It's Cooler

Walk Them Later In The Day

Luckily summer means that the days are substantially longer, meaning that you can walk your dog later in the day without the risk of being alone in the dark.

Although we humans can handle that 3 pm scorching heat, dogs cannot. So making sure to take them for their well-deserved run once it has started to cool down in the evening is essential to their overall wellbeing. Walk them early in the morning or late in the evening on exceptionally hot days, to keep them from overheating or even dehydrating.

You can also check if the outside is still too hot by putting the palm of your hand onto the ground. If you can’t keep your hand there for 10 seconds without it getting too warm, then it is too hot for your dog to be continuously putting their delicate little paws on. Instead, opt for a walk on grassy surfaces.

2. Give Them a Frozen Toy or Treat

If you just want a chilled day, sunbathing in your garden with your pup by your side, you absolutely can. There are effective ways to simultaneously keep your dog happy and stimulated but cool.

By putting some water onto their favourite chew toy or cuddly bear and then placing it inside the freezer for a couple of hours, in no time, your dog can be enjoying a lovely cold toy in the shade while you sun yourself!

The same can be done with treats also, whether you use safe for dogs frozen fruits or put their yummiest treats into some ice cube makers and freeze them in a block of ice. If you don’t have time to do that, buy some dog-safe ice lollies and let them lick away! You can also give them frozen ice cubes to munch on.

You can be sure that your dog will be stimulated and kept happy as they munch on cold delicious treats with that magical-tasting food, leaving you with one very chilled pup!

dalmatian tongue out licking ice cream stick

3. Cooling Mats and Clothing Accessories

sausage dog cooling mat

We are fortunate in 2022 to have so many new ways to keep our furry friends cool during summer, and one of those ways is with dog accessories. 

From cooling mats that have activating cooling gel inside, so every time your dog lays, sits or stands onto it, they get an incredible cooling sensation running throughout their body. Here is one that we recommend you take a peek at; it’s an excellent choice for those hot days!

Then there are the clothing accessories, from cooling bandanas to full-blown cooling jackets; the options are endless for ensuring that your pooch is kept at a safe temperature throughout the day. 

Some of these clothing accessories have activating cooling gel inside them, like mats. Others just get wet with water and are placed in the freezer. With the unique fabric, they can hold onto that chilled temperature for a long time, letting your dog enjoy the sun just as much as you.

4. Sun Screen and Shades

Yes, that’s right! You think you are the only one who needs to keep up on the SPF, but you would be wrong! Our little doggies have paws, ears and noses exposed to the blazing elements just as much as our unprotected skin, so just like humans, they can get scorched and burned.

You can buy a dog safe doggy sunscreen that can be gently applied and is perfectly okay to put around their snouts, ears, and paws to keep the sun off them whilst they go with you on that beach day you’ve all been waiting for!

This is perfect for protecting dogs with exposed skin patches due to age or hair loss. So before you leave the house, just make sure to lather up your canines just as much as you do for yourself!

You can also give your dogs adequate shade when outside to keep them out of direct sun rays. Get a dog sun shade, patio umbrella, or even sunglasses for your pups.

5. Keep Your Dog Hydrated

It seems simple to remember, but it can be so easy to forget in the madness of trying to get everybody out of the house to enjoy that sunny day out, to bring enough water for you and your family including your dog.

Luckily many places, dog-friendly or not, place dog bowls outside for your dog to lap up if needed. Still, they are not always guaranteed, so always have a big cold bottle of water with you at all times. Here’s a really nice dog water bottle to use.

Also, if your dog is anything like ours and is a bit of a fussy drinker, meaning they don’t actually like to have that much to drink, take alternatives with you, such as:

  • Slices of Watermelon 
  • If you are out and have your dog food with you, place a small amount of water in with their food. This can help keep them hydrated without them even knowing. 
  • Get them dog-safe ice cream. Now, obviously, they can’t be kept hydrated all day on ice cream, but it is a sure yummy way as an emergency alternative if they are being royally stubborn with drinking water!

Paws for Thought

Hopefully, this little guide has helped give you some great tips and tricks to help keep your furry one cool throughout this summer. Remember, just because you can plop on some sun cream and head out all day doesn’t mean your dog can. So make sure to look out for any telltale signs of heatstroke in your dog, such as:

  • Excessive Panting 
  • Drooling 
  • Redness of Gums 
  • Vomiting And/Or Diarrohea 
  • Flopping or Collapsing Onto The Ground


Suppose you have a dog experiencing any or all of these symptoms. Try placing them in a cool, shaded area, and use a damp towel to gently dab cool (not ice cold) water on and around their head and chest area. 

If after a couple of hours, your dog doesn’t seem to be getting any better, please take them to your local veterinarian and get them the proper hydration and help needed. 

Heatstroke is severe and, in worse cases, can lead to death, so please take these symptoms seriously and use our advice to keep them cool and happy so you can avoid this happening. 

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