How to Train Your Dog to Enjoy the Rain

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The Best Games, Toys, and Treats for Making Wet Weather Fun

Rainy days can put a damper on outdoor activities, especially when you have a furry friend who isn’t a fan of getting wet. But what if you could turn those dreary days into a playful adventure for your canine companion?

In this guide, we’ll explore the art of training your dog not just to tolerate but also to actually enjoy the rain. Discover the best games, toys, and treats that will keep your pup entertained and transform those wet weather walks into moments of pure joy for you and your four-legged friend.

Let’s embrace the rain and make it a tail-wagging experience for everyone!

Why Rainy Days Don’t Have to Be Boring for Your Dog

Dogs are social and intelligent animals that need mental and physical stimulation to stay healthy and happy. Rainy days can limit their opportunities to exercise, explore, and socialise, leading to boredom, frustration, and behavioural problems.

However, rainy days don’t have to be boring for your dog if you use them as an opportunity to bond with your dog and teach them new skills. You can also use rainy days to introduce your dog to new experiences and sensations, such as the sound and feel of rain, the smell of wet grass, and the sight of rainbows.

An ideal way to keep your dog comfortable on rainy walks is with a high-quality waterproof dog coat that covers their legs, such as the best waterproof dog coat with Legs UK. By making rainy days fun and positive for your dog, you can help them overcome any fear or anxiety they may have about the rain and make them more confident and adaptable.

The Benefits of Indoor Games for Your Dog’s Physical and Mental Health

Indoor games are a great way to entertain your dog and exercise on rainy days. Indoor games can provide your dog with physical and mental challenges that can improve their fitness, agility, memory, problem-solving, and communication skills.

Indoor games can also reduce your dog’s stress levels, improve their mood, and strengthen your bond with them. Some of the benefits of indoor games for your dog’s physical and mental health are:

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How to Choose the Right Games, Toys, and Treats for Your Dog’s Personality and Preferences

Not all dogs are the same, and neither are their preferences for games, toys, and treats. Some dogs may prefer games involving chasing, fetching, or tug-of-war, while others prefer hiding, searching, or puzzle-solving. Some dogs may love squeaky, plush, or rubber toys, while others may love balls, ropes, or bones. Some dogs may enjoy treats that are meaty, cheesy, or fruity. To choose the right games, toys, and treats for your dog, you need to consider their personality, age, size, breed, and health. Some of the factors to consider are:

  • Their personality: Is your dog playful, curious, energetic, or lazy? Do they like to work, learn, or relax? Do they enjoy socialising, competing, or cooperating? Choose games, toys, and treats that match your dog’s personality and mood.


  • Their age: Is your dog a puppy, an adult, or a senior? Do they have any special needs or limitations? Choose games, toys, and treats that are appropriate for your dog’s age and development stage.


  • Their size: Is your dog small, medium, or large? Do they have a big or small mouth? Choose games, toys, and treats that are suitable for your dog’s size and strength.


  • Their breed: Is your dog a herding, hunting, guarding, or companion breed? Do they have any specific traits or instincts? Choose games, toys, and treats that cater to your dog’s breed and natural abilities.


  • Their health: Is your dog healthy, overweight, allergic, or diabetic? Do they have any dietary restrictions or sensitivities? Choose games, toys, and treats that are safe and beneficial for your dog’s health and well-being.

Some Fun and Easy Indoor Games You Can Play with Your Dog on Rainy Days

You can play many indoor games with your dog on rainy days that can keep them entertained and exercised. Here are some fun and easy indoor games you can try with your dog:

Hide and seek

This classic game can test your dog’s memory and recall skills. You can hide yourself, a toy, or a treat in another room or behind a piece of furniture and call your dog’s name.

Your dog will have to use their nose and ears to find you or the hidden item. Reward your dog with praise, play, or a treat when they find you or the item. You can make the game more challenging by hiding in different places or using different items.

Fetch and catch

This game is a simple way to keep your dog active and engaged. You can use a ball, a frisbee, a rope, or any other toy your dog likes to fetch and catch. You can throw the toy across the room or down the hallway and have your dog bring it back to you.

You can also toss the toy in the air and have your dog catch it before it lands. Reward your dog with praise, play, or treats when they fetch or catch the toy. You can make the game more exciting by varying the speed, direction, and height of your throws.


This game is a fun way to keep your dog strong and stimulated. You can use a rope, a towel, a sock, or any other toy your dog likes to tug and pull. You can hold one end of the toy and have your dog grab the other end with their mouth.

You can then pull and tug the toy back and forth with your dog. Reward your dog with praise, play, or a treat when they tug or pull the toy. You can make the game more interesting by changing the direction, intensity, and duration of your tugs.

Puzzle toys

These are a great way to keep your dog challenged and rewarded. Puzzle toys have compartments, holes, or flaps that hide treats or kibble. Your dog must use their paws, mouth, or nose to open, slide, or flip the toy to get to the treats or kibble.

Reward your dog with praise, play, or a treat when they solve the puzzle. You can make the game more difficult by using different puzzle toys or adding more treats or kibble.

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​​How to Make Your Dog More Comfortable with Going Outside in the Rain

Some dogs may not like going outside in the rain because they are afraid of the noise, the wetness, or the cold. However, you can make your dog more comfortable with going outside in the rain by following these tips:

Start slow and gradual

Don’t force your dog to go outside in the rain if they are scared or reluctant. Start by exposing your dog to the rain in small doses and a safe and familiar environment.

You can let your dog watch the rain from a window or a door, or you can take your dog outside for a few seconds or minutes when the rain is light or moderate. Praise and reward your dog for being calm and brave in the rain. Gradually increase the time and intensity of your dog’s exposure to the rain until they are more confident and relaxed.

Use positive reinforcement

Make going outside in the rain a positive and rewarding experience for your dog. You can use treats, toys, praise, or play to motivate and encourage your dog to go outside in the rain.

You can also use a cue word or a command, such as “rain” or “let’s go”, to associate going outside in the rain with something fun and enjoyable. Avoid using punishment, force, or pressure to make your dog go outside in the rain, as this can make them more fearful and resistant.

Provide protection and comfort

Make sure your dog is comfortable and protected when going outside in the rain. You can use a raincoat, a sweater, a bootie, or an umbrella to keep your dog dry and warm in the rain.

You can also use a towel, a dryer, or a heater to dry and warm your dog after coming back from the rain. You can also provide your dog with a cozy and dry place to rest and relax after going outside in the rain, such as a bed, a crate, or a couch.

Training your Dog to Enjoy the Rain

Incorporating a few simple strategies and the right tools can turn rainy days from a source of reluctance to a source of excitement for your dog. You can help your furry friend associate rain with joy and playfulness by introducing engaging games, enticing toys, and delicious treats.

So, the next time the clouds gather, don’t shy away – grab your canine companion, equip yourself with the recommended games and toys, and turn those raindrops into a symphony of fun for both of you. With a bit of training and a lot of love, you can make every rainy day an opportunity for bonding and laughter with your beloved pet.

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