Exploring Dovestones Reservoir with your Dog

Are you sick of taking your dog around the same park over and over again? Do you want an adventure but also to give your best friend the best walk of their life? Let me tell you about Dovestone Reservoir and how you can make the most of this epic walk so that you and your pooch have a memorable experience!

Getting to Dovestones

First off, you need a car.

Whether you drive yourself and your four-legged bestie or hitch a ride with a friend, you will need a car to get to Dovestones or be ready to put those walking boots on!

The car park situation is minimal. So get there early or at an off-peak time. We found that going during the week, or not at the height of a national holiday, is the best time to get parking and truly make the most of your time at Dovestones.

Try to avoid parking on the streets around the area, even if you’re struggling to find a spot, as you may find yourself with a ticket when you arrive back at your vehicle

If you want to look at the location before you head out – here is the postcode to check out the best route for you – OL3 7NE.

dovestones car park

What To Take With You

We all know what the weather is like in Britain.

So, prepare for any weather change because as beautiful as Dovestones is, in any kind of harsh weather, it can be pretty brutal if you and your pup are not prepared.

There’s nothing worse than being cold and wet in the rain. Everyone wants to enjoy their time outdoors, so preparing for all weather will ensure everyone has as much fun as possible.

Here is a list of things that we suggest you have before you head out:

dog in car
  • A Couple Coat Options – You need one with a hood to hold off any rain and another that will keep the chill off if the sun goes in!
  • Dog Jackets – If your pup doesn’t mind being dressed up, especially if they are single-coated, making sure they have a suitable coat will be great for those colder days.
  • Walking Shoes – A suitable pair of walking shoes are essential, even if you take the main route. Some of the trails are on uneven ground, so the more support, the better!
  • Sturdy Harness or Collar – Depending on what your dog prefers to walk in, ensuring that they have a sturdy collar or harness they can be attached and released from with ease is a must. At Dovestones, some areas may have sheep, so your mate might need to be put back on a leash for certain parts.
  • Essential AccessoriesA portable bowl, a backpack with water and snacks for yourself, poop bags (of course!) and maybe their favourite treats or toy for recalling purposes.


These are just some of the items we suggest, but feel free to take more (trust us, we always take more than we need to!)

Facilities At Dovestones

Now, I know what you’re thinking; it doesn’t look like a lot, does it? But, there is more than meets the eye.

Depending on what time of the year you go, they usually have a coffee trailer where you can fuel up on that much-needed caffeine before the long trek ahead.

In the summer, you can expect to see an ice cream van, so you can cool off after the trail and maybe even treat your doggo to one too!

There is a toilet block (as seen in the picture) that is accessible to everyone, and if you are on your own with the dog, your dog can go inside as well, so don’t worry; you don’t have to wait till you get home.

There is a refreshment picnic area, too, so definitely bring some sandwiches and make the most of a little sit before you head home or head out around the reservoir.

The Dovestones Reservoir Route

Dovestones is perfect for any dog breed, and I personally think there is a misconception that smaller breeds don’t need to or can’t do these long walks.

But that isn’t always necessarily the case.

For example, we have a small black pug called “Spud”, and he loves going on bigger adventures with us and can go for hours before being tired.

If you want to explore Dovestones with your pooch, no matter their size, there are routes for all people and dog agility levels. This means you can still enjoy the beautiful views of the reservoir and not feel as though you’re missing out!

You can stick to the route around the reservoir or feel free to head off along some of the trees and hills. There are plenty of clearly marked trails for you to explore. If you’re anything like us, we’re sure that you and your family will enjoy it as much as we do. 

By the side of the water, there’s even a small “beach-area” so your dog can go for a little swim if they’re happy and confident in the water. 

Some Dogs That Have Enjoyed Dovestones

Follow the hashtag #dovestonesresevoir to see more incredible images of people’s adventures with their poochies!

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