manchester city centre

Dog-Friendly Places in the City Centre

In Manchester City Centre there is always something happening, from the smells from the markets to the main street where you have every high street shop and food chain ready and available.

Dog-Friendly Businesses in Manchester City Centre

Alongside street food, you’ll find wonderful places to eat and plenty of bars too. You’ll never be short of places to eat in Manchester City Centre.

The city centre is, of course, a very popular area of Manchester and can get a little busy for your dog so always use your best judgement before visiting. With restaurants, we recommend booking in advance and making them aware that you have a dog so they can sit you in the best location.

If you think we’ve missed anywhere off of the city centre list below, then drop us a message via our contact form.

Dog-Friendly Coffee Shop

92 Degrees

Located in the updated Trinity Building and hiding an upstairs balcony, ideal for working, or just people watching.

Location: M2 6HY

Find 92 Degrees on Google Maps.


  • Mon – Fri = 8.30am-5pm,
  • Sat and Sun = 10am-5pm

Dog-Friendly Bar

Albert Schloss

Bavarian-style beer cellar for traditional German food and pilsner beers on tap and in bottles.

Dog-Friendly seating in a separate area of the bar – best time for dogs is during the day.

Location: M2 5QR

Find Albert Schloss on Google Maps.


  • Mon – Sun = 12pm – 2am

Dog-Friendly Bar


Original Victorian fixtures adorn this relaxed, exposed-brick bar offering signature cocktails.

Location: M2 6DQ

Find Arcane on Google Maps.


  • Mon – Thur = 5pm-2am,
  • Friday = 4pm-4am,
  • Sat = 12pm-4am,
  • Sun = 5pm-2am

Dog-Friendly Bar

Banyan - Corn Exchange

Wide-ranging global comfort fare served in a vibrant, homely-chic locale with outdoor seating.

Location: M4 3TR

Find Banyan – Corn Exchange on Google Maps.


  • Mon – Sun = 10pm – 12am

Dog-Friendly Coffee Shop

Black Sheep Coffee & Cocktails

Serving the first specialty-grade Robusta beans on the market, Black Sheep Coffee are proud to be an innovator in the coffee industry. With cafes, kiosks and cocktail bars across the globe, come and soak up the vibe and enjoy the perfect cup.

They have 6 locations across Manchester, including:

  • Spring Gardens (M2 2BQ),
  • St. Peters Sq (M2 3LQ),
  • Market Street (M1 1WR),
  • Piccadilly Gardens (M1 2GH),
  • Deansgate (M3 2BW).
  • See Spinningfields for more locations. 

Location: M3 2BW

Find Black Sheep Coffee & Cocktails on Google Maps.


  • Mon – Thur = 6.30am-8pm,
  • Friday – Sat = 6.30am-9pm,
  • Sun = 8am-8pm

Dog-Friendly Bar

Brewdog Manchester

No-nonsense chain bar specialising in the Scottish brewery’s craft beers, with regular guest brews.

Location: M2 5BG

Find Brewdog Manchester on Google Maps.


  • Mon – Thurs = 12pm-11pm,
  • Fri and Sat = 12pm-1am,
  • Sun = 11am-11pm

Dog-Friendly Pub

City Arms

A traditional pub offering cask ales, familiar pub fare and local craft beers.

Location: M2 4BQ

Find City Arms on Google Maps


  • Mon – Thurs = 12pm-11pm,
  • Fri and Sat = 12pm-12pm,
  • Sun = 12pm-8pm

Dog-Friendly Restaurant

Cosy Club

Part of the iconic Corn Exchange, Manchester Cosy Club is a grand affair at the heart of the city centre.

Dogs are only allowed in the bar area and not in the main restaurant.

Location: M4 3TR

Find Cosy Club on Google Maps.


  • Mon – Weds = 9am-11pm,
  • Thurs – Sat = 9am-12am,
  • Sun = 9am-11pm

Dog-Friendly Bar

Crazy Pedro's Bridge Street

Manchester’s largest Mezcal and Tequila selection, offering Frozen Margarita and pizzas and more.

Location: M3 3BQ

Find Crazy Pedro’s Bridge Street on Google Maps.


  • Mon – Sun = 12pm – 4am

Dog-Friendly Pub

Crown & Anchor

Less than a mile from the Joseph Holt brewery, you can be certain that you’ll get an exceptional and well-priced local beer.

Location: M3 1SQ

Find Crown & Anchor on Google Maps


  • Mon – Thurs = 11.30am-11pm,
  • Fri and Sat = 11.30am-11.30pm,
  • Sun = 11.30am-11pm

Dog-Friendly Business

Ducie Street Warehouse

There’s everything you could possibly need in this trendy social hub.

Location: M1 2TP

Find Ducie Street Warehouse on Google Maps.


  • Mon – Thurs = 7.30am-11pm,
  • Fri = 7.30am-1am,
  • Sat = 9am-1am,
  • Sun = 9am-10pm

Dog-Friendly Bar

Escape to Freight Island

Chill open-air food hall with a range of vendors offering local and global bites, plus craft drinks.

Dogs are welcome during the day.

Location: M1 2PZ

Find Escape to Freight Island on Google Maps.


  • Mon – Thurs = 4pm-11pm,
  • Fri = 12pm-1am,
  • Sat = 10am-1am,
  • Sun = 10am-8pm

Dog-Friendly Cafe

Federal Cafe Bar

A bright, warm setting for global breakfast, brunch and lunch, plus coffee, tea and drinks from the bar.

Location: M3 3ND

Find Federal Cafe Bar on Google Maps.


  • Mon – Fri = 8am-5pm,
  • Sat = 8am-6pm,
  • Sun = 8am-5pm

Dog-Friendly Cafe

Frankie’s Toasties

The UK’s only dedicated “Old Skool” toastie restaurant! No fancy gimmicks, just down to earth toasties.

Location: M1 4GX

Find Frankie’s Toasties on Google Maps


  • Mon – Fri = 8am-5pm,
  • Sat = 8am-5pm,
  • Sun = 8am-4pm

Dog-Friendly Coffee Shop


Cosy coffee shop with a hip vibe offering Mediterranean-themed bites, plus cakes and vegan options.

Location: M2 4EW

Find HAMPTON & VOUIS on Google Maps


  • Mon – Fri = 8am-4pm,
  • Sat = 9am-5pm,
  • Sun = 10am-4.30pm

Dog-Friendly Bar

Mackie Mayor

Brick-walled food hall vendors offering steaks, pizza and sandwiches, with communal dining tables.

Location: M4 5BU

Find Mackie Mayor on Google Maps


  • Mon – Closed,
  • Tues – Fri = 11am-10pm,
  • Sat = 9am-10pm,
  • Sun = 9am-6pm

Dog-Friendly Coffee Shop

Moose Coffee

Elegant, traditional diner serving hearty American-style breakfasts, brunches and coffee.

Location: M2 2BB

Find Moose Coffee on Google Maps. 


  • Mon and Tues – Closed,
  • Weds – Sun = 9am-5pm

Dog-Friendly Restaurant

Mowgli Street Food

Mowgli is all about how Indians eat at home and on their streets. It is about the smash and grab zing of healthy, light, virtuosic herbs and spices.

Location: M4 3TR

Find Mowgli Street Food on Google Maps


  • Mon – Thurs = 12pm-9.30pm,
  • Fri and Sat = 12pm-10.30pm,
  • Sun = 12pm-9.30pm

Dog-Friendly Restaurant

Mr Thomas's Chop House

Characterful restaurant and bar in a former pub, serving classic comfort food with a modern twist.

Location: M2 7AR

Find Mr Thomas’s Chop House​ on Google Maps


  • Mon – Thurs = 12pm-11pm,
  • Fri and Sat = 12pm-12pm,
  • Sun = 12pm-10.30pm

Dog-Friendly Restaurant

Pasta Factory

The key component of this restaurant is the pasta used in a menu of traditional Italian dishes.

Location: M4 4AN

Find Pasta Factory on Google Maps


  • Mon = Closed,
  • Tues – Fri = 5m-10pm,
  • Sat = 12pm-10am,
  • Sun = 12pm-9.30pm

Dog-Friendly Restaurant

Pieminster Deansgate

Casual locale selling Bristol-based gourmet savoury pies, including vegan & gluten-free options.

Location: M3 3NE

Find Pieminster Deansgate on Google Maps. 


  • Mon – Sun = 12pm-10pm.

Dog-Friendly Bar

Pong & Puck

Unleash a bit of old-school fun with vibrant gaming tables, bookable pods, carefully curated cocktails, and sounds of the ’80s, ’90s, and ’00s.

If that’s not all, enjoy pizza, ping pong, and pooches. The vibes are great, and our four-legged buddies don’t have to miss out, either!

Location: M3 4EN

Find Pong and Puck on Google Maps. 


  • Mon and Tues = Closed,
  • Wed – Thurs = 3pm-11pm,
  • Fri and Sat = 12pm-11pm,
  • Sun = 12pm-8pm.

Dog-Friendly Coffee Shop

Pot Kettle Black - Barton Arcade

Airy cafe with reclaimed floorboards, in the Victorian arcade, for gourmet coffee, tea and snacks.

Location: M3 2BW

Find Pot Kettle Black – Barton Arcade on Google Maps


  • Mon – Thurs = 9am-4pm,
  • Fri and Sat = 9am-6pm,
  • Sun = 9am-5pm

Dog-Friendly Restaurant

Rudy's Pizza Napoletana - Peter Street

A relaxed neighbourhood pizzeria, following the traditions and artistry of pizza from Naples – the birthplace of pizza.

Location: M2 5QJ

Find Rudy’s Pizza Napoletana – Peter Street on Google Maps


  • Mon – Thurs = 12pm-10pm,
  • Fri and Sat = 12pm-11pm,
  • Sun = 12pm-10pm

Dog-Friendly Bar


Inspired by a love for music, food, drinks and Latin culture and most of all, good company.

Location: M2 7PF

Find Sandinista on Google Maps.


  • Mon – Thurs = 3pm-3am,
  • Fri and Sat = 12pm-4am,
  • Sun = 12pm-3am

Dog-Friendly Bar

The Anthologist St Peter's Square

Rustic-chic tavern featuring innovative cocktails, all-day eclectic bar bites and mixology classes.

Location: M2 3DE

Find The Anthologist St Peter’s Square on Google Maps


  • Mon = Closed,
  • Tues – Thurs = 11am-11pm,
  • Fri = 11am-12am,
  • Sat = 10am-12am,
  • Sun = 10am-6pm

Dog-Friendly Bar

The Blues Kitchen Manchester

Dedicated blues bar serving hickory-smoked comfort food, plus regular live music & DJs.

Location: M3 3HN

Find The Blues Kitchen Manchester on Google Maps. 


  • Mon = 12pm-12am,
  • Tues – Thurs = 12pm-1am,
  • Fri = 12pm-2.30am,
  • Sat = 11am-3am,
  • Sun = 12pm-12am

Dog-Friendly Restaurant

The Botanist Manchester

Explore a secret garden of food and drink, where resident botanists craft unusual concoctions.

Location: M3 2FW

Find The Botanist Manchester on Google Maps


  • Mon – Thurs = 12pm-12am,
  • Fri = 12pm-1am,
  • Sat = 12pm-2am,
  • Sun = 12pm-11.30pm

Dog-Friendly Pub

The Briton's Protection

Ornate interiors in a real ale pub with a wide range of whiskies, plus open fires and a beer garden.

Location: M1 5LE

Find The Briton’s Protection on Google Maps


  • Mon – Thurs = 12pm-12am,
  • Fri and Sat = 12pm-1am,
  • Sun = 12pm-11pm

Dog-Friendly Pub

The Gas Lamp

Quirky Victorian drinking den serving real ales in a basic subterranean space with tiled walls.

Location: M3 3BW

Find The Gas Lamp on Google Maps


  • Mon and Tues = 4pm-12am,
  • Weds = 12pm-12am,
  • Thurs = 12pm-1am,
  • Fri and Sun = 12pm-2am,
  • Sun = 12pm-10pm

Dog-Friendly Bar

The Liquor Store

Cool bar with a New York-meets-UK rock ‘n’ roll vibe, plus brick walls, cocktails and snack food.

Location: M3 2EG

Find The Liquor Store on Google Maps.


  • Mon – Thurs = 4.30pm-3am,
  • Fri and Sat = 12pm-3am,
  • Sun = 4.30pm-3am

Dog-Friendly Bar

The Mews Bar and Charcuterie

Wine and cocktail bar with a hand-picked wine list, specially crafted cocktails and crowd-pleasing beer selection.

Location: M3 4EN

Find The Mews Bar and Charcuterie on Google Maps.


  • Mon – Thurs = 3pm-12am,
  • Fri and Sat = 12pm-2am,
  • Sun = 12pm-12am

Dog-Friendly Pub

The Piccadilly Tap

Down-to-earth pub with a terrace dishing up pizzas and craft beers, plus vegan options.

Location: M1 2GH

Find The Piccadilly Tap on Google Maps.


  • Mon = 1pm-11pm,
  • Tues and Weds – 12pm-11pm,
  • Thurs – Sat = 11am-12pm,
  • Sun = 11am-11pm

Dog-Friendly Bar

Three Little Words

Hip bar serving cool cocktails and pub grub in an industrial, brick-lined space with vaulted ceilings.

Location: M3 4LP

Find Three Little Words on Google Maps.


  • Mon – Closed,
  • Tues – Thurs = 5pm-1am,
  • Fri and Sat = 12pm-2.30am,
  • Sun =12pm-1am

Dog-friendly Pub

Waldorf Manchester

Sharing plates, bar bites and cocktails offered at this old-fashioned pub with sports on TV.

Location: M1 3AQ

Find Waldorf Manchester on Google Maps


  • Mon – Thurs = 11am-12am,
  • Fri and Sat = 11am-1am,
  • Sun = 11am-11pm

Dog-Friendly Bar

Wood & Company

Subterranean hideaway offering modern cocktails in a retro-chic space with white tile and a hip vibe.

Location: M2 6DE

Find Wood & Company on Google Maps


  • Mon – Weds = Closed,
  • Thurs = 5pm-1am,
  • Fri and Sat = 4pm-3am,
  • Sun = 5pm-12am

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