Chew Toys for Destructive Dogs

Chew toys for destructive dogs
Some dogs like cuddle toys, some dogs like chew toys. Either way, it can be annoying to keep finding new toys when your dog destroys old ones.
It’s not just down to destructive personalities. Although some dogs seem to enjoy destroying some things more than others, a lot of it comes down to size. A dog, the size of a German Shepard or a Labrador, will be more likely to destroy something than my little Pug.
We created this list of 10 types of chew toys that should be more difficult for even the most destructive of dogs.

10 Chew Toys for Destructive Canines

If your four-legged friend has dreams of going on a safari and playing with a giraffe, then it’s time to make those dreams a reality with this yellow giraffe and duck 2-pack chew toy!
The fabric on this toy is a brilliant choice; the natural cotton is safe for your dog to tear up to their hearts’ content – although hopefully not too soon! It is eco-friendly and non-toxic, too, so it can be disposed of safely when the day does come to throw it out. It is an excellent distraction from boredom and should keep them entertained for hours.
As one of the cheaper options on our list of chew toys for destructive dogs, you get way more than you bargained for! Not only is it great for chewing, but it is bouncy, too, so your dog can pursue it round and round to keep your pup more than busy with this little squirrel.
For an added bonus, you can hide treats inside the Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude, which will slowly scatter as they play with it. This is great for dogs that are especially food motivated. You can add the treats to keep them interested. Then they’re likely to associate the toy with food after a while, so they can play with it without requiring treats every time – they’ll be delighted to chase the bouncing squirrel for hours.
This FAYOGOO Dog Toy was built with destructive dogs in mind and tested at every design stage by tough dogs. What’s more, the ribs and lines along the body of this dinosaur toy mean that it helps with dental hygiene too.
The ribs alone are great for keeping their teeth clean and healthy, but if you put dog toothpaste on them, it can be even more effective at reducing tartar build-up! It is easy to clean and rugged, even for larger dogs, so you should have peace of mind that this toy will stand the test of time and pose a challenge for dogs of all sizes.
Not everyone is a fan of fruit and veg, so let your dog take out their frustrations on this formidable Petface Latex Broccoli. A worthy adversary to any playtime, give this toy a try today.
Unlike some other toys, this chew is available in small and large sizes, so it is bound to suit dogs of all breeds.
Long-lasting with just the right amount of give to not cause any harm, we’re sure this is a snack that will last.
If your dog is anything like ours, then they love a stick to chew on. The problem is bringing them home from the park and having it splinter everywhere – which can even hurt your dog’s mouth. Thanks to Petstages that is no longer a problem. They’ve given the traditional wooden stick a massive upgrade, and we definitely approve.
Made from an assortment of natural wood fibres and synthetic textiles, this chew toy is excellent for destructive dogs. It keeps the wood-like flavours our four-legged friends seem to love so much. Available in four sizes to suit dogs of all sizes, give this Dogwood Wood Alternative Chew Toy a try today.
If you have a puppy that loves to try and destroy everything in sight, this Nylabone Gentle Puppy Teething Toy is a perfect choice.
It is a soft but durable toy that helps with dental health for your new addition and should help to keep plaque build-up at bay.
No one likes the taste of plastic, so the taste and smell of chicken on this chew toy should prove irresistible and pose a real challenge for their little mouths and needle-like teeth.
This is another toy that’s more on the cuddly side. This lovely rope toy bear from MAKEET is made from natural cotton, which is instantly preferable to rubber and plastic.
Your dog can get their teeth into this rope toy and put their destructive dog reputation to the test.
Durable and as cute as a bear, this may be your dog’s new favourite snuggle buddy too! The stunning colours on this rope toy are appealing too. Give this toy a go, and let us know what you think.
We know how annoying it is when a dog gets hold of your shoe and won’t let it go, especially when it becomes a game to them! That’s when this Benebone Durable Wishbone can become your secret weapon.
Made from real chicken, this durable wishbone can be the perfect decoy to keep your dog occupied for weeks on end.
If chicken isn’t their thing, look at the bacon and peanut butter options and the four different size choices. Hopefully, this wishbone will be a challenge for even the most destructive dogs.
Tennis balls and footballs are great for keeping dogs entertained, but they don’t always last the longest. They can leave annoying material trails behind as your dogs puls them to pieces. That is not a problem anymore.
This JW Hol-Ee Roller Small Dog Chew Toy is made from soft and vigorous rubber that should undoubtedly last longer than a tennis ball.
This has more uses than a standard ball, too, as the open sides mean that you can hide various treats inside to make it more of a challenge as well as being more enticing.
It is even made from non-toxic and natural rubber, so you can rest assured that this chew toy won’t hurt your dog’s teeth.
Our last option provides a brilliant distraction for busy dogs and keeps their teeth nice and healthy. This Dog Chew Toothbrush has more prominent bristles to make it more of a challenge for even the most destructive dogs.
The materials on the toy have been carefully considered and made from specified plastic. It should be soft enough not to damage their teeth while remaining durable enough to keep them busy.
The plastic is non-toxic and eco-friendly, so you can be guilt-free when it comes to disposing of it. This chew toy should surely last long enough to get your money’s worth.
To make it even more irresistible, try adding some dog-safe peanut butter inside and keep your dog entertained for extended periods.

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