Best Places to Work With Your Dog in Manchester

Work With Your Dog in Manchester

We all know by now that Manchester is a lover of all things dog-related. Many places around Manchester allow you and your dog to come in, sit down, enjoy a coffee, and do some work. 

Working with your Dog in Manchester

Working away from an office is becoming the norm in today’s world. Still, if you don’t want to leave your pooch all alone whilst you go out to work, where can you and your dog go in Manchester and actually be comfortable the whole time?



With its vast open space, cosy vibes and food and drink to hand, Cottonopolis is the place to go and work efficiently and freely, but the best thing of all? They love dogs! Your pup will probably get more 5-star service than you. With a water bowl waiting for them and treats at the ready, Cottonopolis is definitely equipped to give you and your pup a good time. 

One downside to consider is that after 4 pm, the lights begin to dim, and candles start to come out for dinner. This is fine if you don’t mind working in a dimmer atmosphere. Still, one thing your dog may not like is the very sparkly disco ball. If your dog is anything like our Pug, they might bark and try to chase the disco light. This might not be a significant off-putter, but it might be an excellent excuse to pack up early that day before the disco ball comes out!

Just Between Friends

work with your dog in Manchester at just between friends

Based in the Northern Quarter, Just between Friends is a great little coffee shop, packed with personality and yummy food and drink ready to wow your tastebuds. Not only do they have great food and awesome WIFI for you to start your day at work, but they also LOVE dogs. So if you have a quick phone meeting you need to take or a blog you want to quickly write, Just Between Friends is a great place to get that done whilst they gush over your four-legged friend! 

One downside to Just Between Friends is the space. There isn’t a lot of room to get yourself set up for a day of working, and you might need to be prepared to either move after a few hours or make sure to get there early so that you can even get a spot to work from. But although they are small, they are mighty, so don’t let that put you off!

Mackie Mayor

mackie mayor

Mackie Mayor is filled to burst with places for you to sit and set up for a hard day at work. With coffee shops, food stalls and bars, you will have every need taken into account and won’t need to go anywhere else all day! Another plus is they’re entirely dog-friendly! Your pooch will love all of the attention, space and love that Mackie Mayor has to offer. Just tie them to your chair and let them watch the world go by and maybe beg for some food! 

One downside is that it can get busy pretty quickly, so make sure to get there early and get set up to keep your spot. To get a comfy seat, maybe look towards one of the coffee shops as the central area of Mackie Mayor has benches, so after an extended period of working, the benches could be a bit sore on the old back!

The Molly House

work with your dog in Manchester at molly house

If you are looking for a place to maybe have a cheeky drink whilst you work, The Molly House is that place! With a warm and welcoming atmosphere based near the Gay Village, they have their doors open to everyone and anyone. That also includes your little doggo! The Molly House is a great place for your dog to chill out, enjoy the music and get lots of attention while you enjoy a well-deserved cocktail and work away. 

One downside to The Molly House is that if pubs are not the kind of atmosphere you want when it comes to working, they may not be your first choice. Also, as the day goes by and the night begins, the music may get louder and more people may come in and distract you or your dog, so it might not be ideal for late-night working.

All of these places are great options are not the only places that will give space to you and your pup; this just gives you a little taste into what is around Manchester. If you want some more inspiration, go check out our list of all the places you can take your dog in the city centre and Ancoats, and please let us know about any other areas that are a MUST GO TO when you want to work with your dog in Manchester

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