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Doggy day care centres are not only convenient for looking after our dogs for the day, but they provide much-needed enrichment. Most doggy day cares allow your dog to socialise with others, play to their heart’s content, and let out their energy. Some businesses also offer grooming services, take them on long walks, provide doggy birthday parties, etc. You get so much value for money from a doggy day care centre, and we would certainly recommend them to others. We’ve got a lot out of our local centre, so we wanted to share a list of some of the best doggy day care centres around Manchester so that you can find a great day care near you. Let us know if we’ve missed any off the list, and we feel free to share this with your friends and fur babies.

Top Canine Day Care Centres in Manchester

Dog E-Dayz Daycare

Established in 2011, Dog E-Dayz offers a structured day that includes walking, mental stimulation such as scent work, brain games, basic training, and the usual playtimes.

Dog E-Dayz also runs Activity Camps throughout the summer. This is a daytime residential camp for dogs, offering tailor-made activities, walks, and mental stimulation, which runs from 9 am until 6 pm, Monday to Friday during term time.

All dogs are taken for a regular 2-mile walk in the morning, and there are plenty of short games of fetch and mental stimulation to keep them entertained.

During the afternoon, the emphasis is on a more structured working environment. It’s timed activities with mental stimulation that dogs learn well!

Location: Samuel St, Failsworth, M35 0GA.

Hours: Mon – Fri = 8am-6pm.



Pawprints Doggy Daycare

Pawprints offer great flexibility and post lots of happy and friendly photos of your dog throughout the day with a well-organised and relaxed atmosphere.

Pawprints are proud of the help it offers to the local community. They regularly participate in local events and trade shows to support causes close to their hearts. They also periodically support local dog charities. They have happily donated gift cards to local charities, dog’s homes and care groups.

Location: 411 Kay St, Manchester M11 2DT

Hours: Mon – Fri = 7am-6.30pm.



Daycare 4 Dogs

Daycare 4 Dogs is a doggy day care that offers days structured around exercise, socialization, and various other complementary services to ensure dogs get the best care all day long.

Every dog needs socialization, whether it’s from being with other dogs or people. Just like humans, dogs also need interaction with other dogs. Caring for dogs all day fixed in daycare provides much-needed socialisation, and they won’t get bored on walks and benefit from plenty of stimulation.

Location: Sharston Industrial Area, Wythenshawe, M22 4TE

Hours: Mon – Fri = 8am-6pm.



K-9 Cabin

K-9 Cabin offers plenty of structured fun, games and activities and, of course, rest for your pooch. Their friendly, trained staff constantly supervise all dogs in a specialised clean and safe environment.

K-9 Cabin offers lots of structured fun, games and activities and resting space for dogs. Their comfortable area means your dog can relax and enjoy their time in daycare. You can rest assured that your dogs are kept comfortable and happy and under expert care.

Location: Reliance Trading Estate, Failsworth, M40 3AG

Hours: Mon – Fri = 8am-6pm.



The Barkside Manchester City Centre

Established in 2011, The Barkside was designed to create a new standard for dog care, including a careful selection and induction process to provide the safest possible environment for the dogs in their care.

Dogs at Barkside Manchester are cared for with love, patience and kindness and have access to spacious inside and outside exercise areas as well as all the cuddles, games, walks and adventures they love so much. Every dog has his or her own carer, and lots of dogs eventually become best friends.

Location: Travis St, Manchester M1 2NG

Hours: Mon – Fri = 8am-6pm.



Dogs and Divas Doggy Daycare

To ensure utmost care for dogs, Dogs and Divas Doggy Daycare Manchester groups dogs into Puppy, Small or low energy and Large or high energy. They also have an outdoor area for playing, fresh air, and access to the canal and riverside for walks. They also offer daycare for cats.

Dogs and Divas Doggy Daycare provides a fun, social environment for dogs. All staff are trained to keep dogs calm and stress-free. The daycare takes dogs out on regular doggy walks to get adequate exercise.

Location: 5 Bradley Ln, Sale, M32 8RH

Hours: Mon – Fri = 7am-6.30pm.



Urban Tails Day Care and Home Boarding

Urban Tails offers daycare and home boarding services for a wide range of dogs and often takes dogs out on walks as needed. They provide top-quality care for dogs and leave tails wagging.

They offer daycare services for dogs and give your dogs plenty of exercise, playtime and opportunities to socialize. They also provide kennel services, perfect for dogs needing short- or long-term boarding.

Location: 10 Leroy Dr, M9 7EW

Hours: Mon – Fri = 7am-6pm. Sat and Sun = 9am-6pm.



Rachel’s Dog Club: Dog Daycare Manchester

Rachel’s Dog Club is a reliable, friendly, professional dog care company based in Manchester and Salford. They aim to provide exceptional service to dogs and owners.

Rachel, the founder of the company, decided to create this business so that she could offer her services for her own dog. Since 2012, she has provided care for dogs and has a loyal clientele she pampers daily.

Location: Unit 111, 105-117 Broughton Ln, Salford, M7 1UH

Hours: Mon – Fri = 7.30am-6.30pm. Sat = 9am-4pm.



Dogs Aloud Doggy Daycare

Dogs Aloud is a one-stop doggy daycare centre in Manchester. They offer a clean, safe and happy home for your dog during the day whilst you are out at work.

Location: Astra Business Park, 8-10 Trafford Moss Rd., Stretford, M17 1SQ

Hours: Mon – Fri = 7am-7pm.



Goody 4 Paws Dog Daycare and Training Centre

Established in 2007, Goody 4 Paws provide a fun, safe, stimulating environment for your four-legged friend, constantly supervised by only qualified professionals.

Location: Unit 1 Block 3, Albert Close Trading Estate, Whitefield, M45 8EH

Hours: Mon – Fri = 7.30am-6pm.



Precious Paws Stay and Play Doggy Daycare

Precious Paws is a fully licensed and insured Doggy Daycare in Middleton. They also offer Raw Dog Food and dog grooming, plus a small selection of flea treatment, pet toys and leads/collars.

The range of doggy daycare activities at Precious Paws is both comprehensive and unrivalled, making it the perfect place to take care of your pooch – whether you’re on holiday, have a busy day at work, or are at home.

Location: Unit 3 Associates House, Grimshaw Ln, Middleton, M24 2AE

Hours: Mon – Fri = 7.30am-6.30pm. Sat = 8am-4.30pm.



The Doggy House Dog Daycare Altrincham Manchester

The Doggy House is a 5-star, fully licensed doggy daycare in Altrincham. They have been offering first-class professional doggy day care and puppy daycare since 2013.

They care about your furry family members. They have a team of qualified, experienced and friendly staff who love dogs of all breeds.

Location: Dale House, Craven Rd, Broadheath, WA14 5HJ

Hours: Mon – Fri = 7.30am-6.30pm.



Doggy Drop Off

This is a business recommended by one of our readers, and we are happy to include them. Doggy Drop Off was established in August 2019 by partners Ellie and Hayley as they set out to deliver the best daycare/dog walking in Manchester City Centre and Salford.

Doggy Drop Off is a dog-friendly area in the city centre of Manchester. They work hard to bring your dog the best care possible with a professional and caring approach. They work so hard to ensure your dog is cared for in its own environment, with its own sleeping area, where they get as much personal attention as they need.

Location: Mary St, Cheetham Hill, M3 1DZ

Hours: Mon – Fri = 7:30am-6:30pm.



Bark N Bounce

Established in 2029, Bark N Bounce took a typical soft play area and put a dog twist on it.

They have a HUGE 90ft indoor area combined with a secure outdoor field play area just for dogs.

They also have an 18ft bouncy castle, multiple ball pools, walkovers, tunnels, jumps, many toys and plenty more to have fun with. Bark N Bounce even offer private hire where it’s just you and your dog in the play area.

Location: Keepers Kennels, Vicars Hall Lane, Worsley.

Hours: Mon – Fri = 10am-4pm, Sat and Sun = 10am-2pm.




How often your dog goes to daycare depends on your budget and schedule, but overall, maintain a three-day limit each week because as it is important for dogs to interact with other dogs, it is equally crucial to prioritize spending time with them yourself doing fun activities and bonding.

Doggy daycare is great for dogs who are dog-social and dog-tolerant, meaning that they are at ease with many other dogs and people. These daycares provide exercise, mental stimulation, and engagement with other dogs. Dog-selective dogs are usually older ones that may dislike loud and busy environments, so daycare might not really benefit them and can be stressful for them.  Dog-aggressive dogs are ones that do not enjoy the company of other dogs or even lots of people around them, which can make them become aggressive and nervous. Daycare is not a good option for them.

A puppy should be at least 3 months old before starting daycare. This gives them time to get vaccinated and mature physically before socializing with other dogs.

The best way to know if your dog enjoys daycare is by watching their behavior and body language when you drop them at the daycare and when you pick them up. If they are excited and happy when entering the daycare center, and respond well to the staff, they absolutely love going there. But if they are anxious, scared, and exhibit signs of aggression, they may not like the place.

Dog daycare is a great place for dogs that love to socialize, but for the selective and quiet ones, it can be overwhelming and exhausting and this can result in anxiety.

Depending on the center, daycare costs might range from £20 to £40 per day. You can check out the top canine daycare centers and their prices.

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