Best Dog-Friendly Beaches around Manchester

dog friendly beach

With warmer weather, we all want to feel the sand between our toes and the sea breeze through our hair. But do you want to take your dog too?

Not a problem! We have found you the top five dog-friendly beaches around Manchester, where you and your pup can soak up the sun and maybe even get a cheeky 99-flake ice cream!

Just be aware that some dog-friendly beaches have restricted areas, so watch for “no dogs allowed signs” or “put the dog on a leash” posters. You don’t want to get you and your four-legged friend in trouble.

Top Five Dog-Friendly Beaches

Let’s get into it, then!

Here are some of the best beaches you can enjoy with your fur baby in and around Greater Manchester!

1. Bispham Beach

Bispham Beach

Bispham Beach is ranked highly for the North West for allowing dogs on the beachfront all year – which many other beaches do not allow during the hotter summer season.

The beach, based just a short distance from Blackpool, provides excellent water quality, is far safer for pups to swim in, and has great utilities that dogs and humans can take full advantage of.

It has excellent parking, so you don’t have to worry about missing your spot, and just overall, it is a quieter place to unwind with your pup compared to some other UK’s more famous beaches.

2. Formby Beach

Formby Beach

Formby Beach, a National Trust site with miles of sandy dunes and beaches, also has hundreds of acres of woodland. It is a lovely spot for a dog walk; you might even see the rare red squirrel or two (but don’t let your puppy see them!)

Although good pups can roam freely year-round, dog parents are asked to be mindful of other wildlife in the area, and dogs should be kept on a leash whenever necessary.

If you forget your leash, you may be able to get one at the car park entrance, and there are also water bowls just next to the toilets, so your dog can get a well-deserved drink of water.

3. Lytham St Annes Beach

The beachfront at St. Annes is an enormous stretch of sandy beaches. The kind that is perfect for your dog to run around on while you are making sand castles.

It’s also a beautiful place for a paddle if you and your dog want to get your paws wet. However, there aren’t any lifeguards on duty, and swimming towards the estuary is not suggested.

There is also a big grassland area behind the shoreline, which features attractive gardens, a boating lake, and Lytham’s iconic green windmill. St. Annes Beach is a fantastic place to take your dog on a lovely, warm day!

4. Hightown Beach

Hightown Beach

Hightown is a small town on the Formby coast between Liverpool and Southport. Ramblers and dog walkers frequently visit the undeveloped sand and shingle shoreline, which is backed by an extensive network of dunes, making it great for your pup to stretch its legs.

This stretch of shoreline between Seaforth and Hightown does, however, contain some dangerous quicksand areas and quickly incoming tides with powerful currents.

So, just be aware and watch for caution signs while you’re there.

There is plenty of parking along the roads near the shore. So you and your dog can quickly exit and head to the shoreline! Nearby are plenty of dog-friendly shops and pubs you can both take full advantage of!

5. Ainsdale Beach

Ainsdale beach

The Ainsdale beach is backed by the same dunes extending along this Sefton coast stretch. They make up one of Britain’s biggest remaining areas of wild dune land, making it ideal to come with your pup and get some sand in their fur!

The best beach in the region, according to most people. Ainsdale is the only beach in the North West of England to have even received a Blue Flag because it is that good. It is also the perfect place to take your pup all year round!

Ainsdale Beach also has a Quality Coast Award, which guarantees clean water and plenty of amenities for you and your dog to enjoy during your stay.

Just to Note – Dogs are welcome throughout a significant portion of the shoreline, but there is a 200m dog-free zone on either side of the beach to be aware of.

Dog-Friendly Beach Rules to Remember

Although these beaches are dog friendly, and they want to see those cute waggy tails along their shorelines, it is important to check that your dog can be on it at the specific time of year you want to go.

Some are year-round dog-friendly so that you can go whenever, but just double-check because you don’t want to have all the beach towels ready to go, and your pup can’t run around there!

We want you and your dog to have the best beach day out, so check these places out and let us know what you think!

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