Arndale Shopping Centre – Is It Dog Friendly?

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For many years, the Arndale Shopping Centre has been the hub of Manchester City Centre and has everything you need when it comes to retail shops and food places. From a huge market that celebrates culture to Selfridges, it has everything for the higher end shopping experience as well.

With the Arndale being at such a focal point of the city, it seems a shame that dogs were unable to be a part of that journey for a very long time. But now that has changed as long as dogs adhere to the following rules. 

Note: We have since updated this post to make it clear that dogs are not currently allowed in the Arndale Shopping Centre. Please see the note at the end of the article for more details.

1. Dogs Must Behave

All dogs must be on their best behaviour. That means so barking, whining or starting any trouble. So make sure to have a word with your pooches before going inside about them being good boys or girls before you enter.

2. No Peeing or Pooping

Now obviously, we can’t always control when our dogs go toilet, especially when they want to tell all the other dogs that they have been there. But if you can, clean up after them the best you can, more so if they have had a little poop, make sure to take a little baggy and pick up after them. 

Yes, there is a round-the-clock cleaning team in the Arndale Shopping Centre, but let’s make their jobs a bit easier and clean up after them!

3. Not in the Shops Please

Unfortunately, although dogs are allowed in the main halls of the Arndale, they cannot come inside the actual shops or food places with you. Therefore, you will need to make sure to have someone wait outside with them whilst you go shop till you drop.

4. Leashes on

Fashion is optional, but their leashes must always be on. It might be tempting to let them off and allow them to explore, but that’s not possible within the Arndale just yet. So make sure to bring their cutest leash and show them off to the rest of the Arndale!

manchester arndale dog friendly

If you have a high-end dog that wants to go look around Gucci, unfortunately, unless they are small enough to be carried or put in a little handbag, they are unable to wander around Selfridges but let’s hope one day, our fashionable Great Danes can join the boujee party soon.

Dogs in the Arndale Update:

While we have had no issues with our dog in the Manchester Arndale, we have had messages from those that have been refused entry or asked to leave with their dog. 

We have since had a message from Manchester Arndale themselves confirming that the current rules are that dogs are not allowed in the centre, with the exception of assistance dogs. 

The Arndale is aware that dogs are being trialled in other centres across the country, and they do know that it is something that is becoming more regular in shops, restaurants and on transport across Manchester

In light of this, we asked them if the rule is likely to change in future, and they responded by saying that it is something they may try in the future after it is discussed with retailers as it is something they get regular questions about, however, at the moment dogs are sadly not allowed inside the Manchester Arndale. 

We will keep this post updated if anything changes. 

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