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Helping Dog Owners Explore the City

How Dog Friendly is Manchester?

As dog owners, we often found ourselves searching online for information to find which places in Manchester were dog friendly. We would be searching for dog-friendly pubs and businesses, as well as looking for the best places for walks in the area

The problem is, we would often find missing or outdated information that would then impact the rest of the plans we had for the day. After speaking to our friends and fellow dog owners we quickly discovered that we were not alone in this. 

This is why we created Dog-Friendly Manchester. A local website for those in Manchester, or even those just visiting the city, to find the information they need to help them have the best time in Manchester with their pooch. 

We’re a city of dog lovers, so why not make it easier for dog owners to have a great time here. After all, having a dog-friendly business can have so many benefits. 

Do You Have a Dog Friendly Business?

If you have a dog-friendly business in Manchester and you’d like to spread the word then let us know. We’d love to include you on our website.

Get to Know Us


SEO professional who loves finding dog-friendly locations and exploring new places with my wife and dog.


A passionate, queer writer with a love for all things four legged. Loves going out on adventures with my wife and dog.


Big fan of cuddles and long walks, loves exploring new places and meeting new friends – especially if they have treats!


For your convenience, here are answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any question you may have.

A local website to help dog owners in the city to find places that welcome dogs as well as finding the best places to take them for walks. We also offer answers to questions that we’ve found ourselves asking to help other dog owners take the best care of their four-legged friend.

Yes, we offer a variety of options to help spread the word to our audience about your dog-friendly business. You can find this information on our dedicated Work With Us page.

Dogs help people to feel more at ease, and as long as the dogs are well behaved and owners are responsible, we believe there is no reason why most businesses can’t be dog friendly. 

They also offer a large opportunity for businesses, as owners can stop by for a coffee, or help to fill that quiet period in the afternoon by coming for a pint for or two. 

There may be some legal and insurance considerations when choosing to make your business dog-friendly, but in general you should ensure there are areas where dogs can get a drink and even relieve themselves as needed. 

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Feel free to contact us